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As Russia Reels Under Cascading Effects of Chip Starvation, China May Not Be a Dependable Partner

Read the Full Article on News18 The US and its allies like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Netherlands enjoy an elevated status in the global high-tech sphere. Much of the world’s production capacity and intellectual property (IP) related to micro-electronic and semiconductors chips are concentrated in the territory of...

Divide forex reserve into two components

The United States (US), European Union (EU) and several countries have imposed a raft of punitive measures on Russia for invading Ukraine. One of the more serious forms of sanctions has been the freezing of the Russian central bank’s assets held in foreign-denominated currencies. When a country earns more foreign...

Why India should pull Sri Lanka out of China’s ‘debt trap’ and take it closer to the US

Sri Lanka should move closer to the US and resolve its ongoing crisis. For all the Rajapaksas’ giving cold shoulder to the International Monetary Fund’s offer for help, it is with diplomatic assistance provided by India that Sri Lanka must mend ties with the US. On 12 April, Sri Lanka...

Takshashila Discussion Document – A Background to India’s Position in the Advanced Computing Age

Download the Discussion Document Executive Summary  Computational power is a key determinant in advanced computing mechanisms such as high performance, quantum, and cloud computing. Nation-states (and private companies as well) are engaged in a high-stakes race to increase indigenous computing capacity for a number of strategic reasons. This discussion document...

As Nepal Turns to the Indo-Pacific, China Worries

On March 27, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi concluded his three-day trip to Nepal. During his visit, he held meetings with the country’s top leaders while also taking the time out for a hiking trip to Shivapuri. In his meeting with Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka on March 26, Wang outlined China’s “three...

Our Geo-economic Interests Lie with the West as Well as the Rest

Over the past few weeks, I discovered a marked difference in attitudes towards the Ukraine war between those of my friends who had spent time in the New Delhi establishment and those who hadn’t. The Delhiwaalas—diplomats, economists, journalists and veterans—were more likely to argue that reports of Russian losses were...

Merit Must be the Benchmark For Armed Forces’ Hiring, not Recruitable Male Population Index

In 2014, the Supreme Court dismissed a PIL alleging that the Army recruitment policy was discriminatory and based on caste, religion and region. The court accepted the Army’s justification regarding the existence of certain regiments that are based on classification related to social, cultural and linguistic homogeneity. The contention was...

Indians Don’t Believe in a China-led, Multipolar World, Distrustful of Its Rise in Indo-Pacific

As the war continues to rage in Europe, India is maintaining an unrelenting focus on its Indo-Pacific engagements. Thus, on March 19, Prime Minister Modi hosted his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida for the latter’s first bilateral visit since assuming charge in October 2021. In the joint statement released after the...

A Nuclear Threat Hangs Over the World Until the Russian Invasion is Rolled Back

Clausewitz’s dictum that war is politics by other means, if ignored, can pave the path to total war. The instrumental nature of the tools of statecraft, like military, diplomacy and economy is often blindsided to political rationale during wars. The war in Ukraine that has been ongoing for four weeks...

Explained: The Implications of China’s Ever Increasing Defence Budget for India

China announced its annual defence budget of RMB 1.45 trillion (approximately $229.6 billion) in March 2022, a 7.1 per cent year-on-year increase over its 2021 budget of RMB 1.36 trillion ($209.2 billion). In 2020, China had increased its defence budget by 6.6 per cent to 1.27 trillion yuan (US$178 billion)....
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