March 29, 2022


All Things Policy: Political Ads on Facebook in India

A 4-part investigative series by the Reporter’s Collective, and Al Jazeera pointed to the existence of surrogate advertisers and differential ad pricing for political ads on Facebook. Prateek Waghre and Sapni GK join Rohan Seth to discuss the implications...

Shrey Khanna appeared on Aaj Tak Radio

Shrey Khanna was featured in Aaj Tak Radio’s Podcast to talk on the politics and future of Imran Khan after the tabling of a no-confidence motion against his government. You can listen to the full episode below:

A Nuclear Threat Hangs Over the World Until the Russian Invasion is Rolled Back

Clausewitz’s dictum that war is politics by other means, if ignored, can pave the path to total war. The instrumental nature of the tools of statecraft, like military, diplomacy and economy is often blindsided to political rationale during wars. The...