January 12, 2022


Shrey Khanna appeared on Aaj Tak Radio

Shrey Khanna appeared on Aaj Tak Radio’s podcast on 12th January. He spoke about Pakistan’s economic troubles and Imran Khan’s argument on the economy. He appears 23 mins 37 secs onwards. You can listen to the podcast below: 

All Things Policy: Emerging Technologies from Chinese Point of View

 The dual-use nature of emerging tech has blurred the line between civil and military applications of technology. How do the PLA researchers view the role of emerging tech in the military? In this episode, Aditya Pareek and Megha Pardhi...

Takshashila Issue Paper – China’s Technical Standardisation Framework

Download the Issue Paper Executive Summary  This paper analyses China’s National Standardisation Development (NSD) Outline released in October 2021.  The NSD outline consolidates the goals of the “China Standards 2035” (中国标准 2035) project and is one of many documents which...

Technopolitik #17

Read the full edition and subscribe here CyberPolitik #1: When can Governments Snoop on your Personal Data? — Sapni G K Over the past couple of weeks in this newsletter, we have covered the varying aspects of benefits that DCNs bring us....